Neuchi Alkaline Water Purifier (3 Stage)  
  Freshly filtered alkaline water is always best for drinking as it helps our body to be hydrated up to six times more compared to any other drinking water. Alkaline water cannot be bottled as it will lose its negative charge. Negative ions are known to improve our physiological states, enhance mood and well-being. Neuchi Alkaline Water Purifier is equipped to give you and your family safe drinking water.
With this purifier, water is processed in three (3) stages. These three stages of water filtration improve water quality by removing contaminants such as mud, sand, colloid organic particles, residual chlorine, germs and detrimental impurities. The first stage uses a sediment filter to improve particle removal performance. This filter can be changed in 3 to 4 months depending on how clean the incoming water is. During the second stage, water is made alkaline ranging from pH 7.2 to 7.5 by passing through an alkaline filter and a carbon filter that are good for 10,000 gallons or 10 to 12 months. The third stage is having the water pass through activated charcoal to remove chlorine.
The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water
Alkaline water carries important minerals that most tap water and bottled water lack.
Natural anti-oxidant because it has a negative oxidation reduction potential.
Improves blood circulation and helps the kidneys and liver to remove toxins from the system.
It produces hydroxyl ions which can increase the level of oxygen in the body, neutralize harmful free radicals, correct the body’s alkaline, and hydrate the cells.
The Benefits of Using Neuchi Alkaline Water Purifier
Neuchi Alkaline Water Purifier can produce up to 10 times more water than standard water filters.
Save money from buying bottled water by using Neuchi Alkaline Water Purifier.
Installation is very easy. Simply attach to any faucet. No electricity needed.
  Madin Nutrition Blender  
  The ultimate blender, Madin Nutrition Blender with its patented technology (design boost patents from Europe, United States and Taiwan) can blend dry, hot, ice and cold ingredients with its revolutionary Hexagonal Steel-core Transmission motor.

At a touch of a button, the microcomputer controlled operation with intelligent system monitors and prevents vibration, overheating and electrical leakage/overload. Its jar is a unique multi-angled polycarbonate body with antibacterial properties, contains no PVC, heavy metals and is able to sustain hard knocks. A superior motor is housed in the blender producing 4 horsepower with variable speed from 15,000 to 28,000 rpm. An advanced cooling system and electronic motor-saving device keeps the blender always ready for heavy duty use.

Madin Nutrition Blender is compliant with local safety standards, easy to use and durable for daily duties.
  Tru-C Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C)  
  Vitamin C as Sodium Ascorbate helps provide antioxidant protection without the side effect of gastric irritation. It is an adjunct in the treatment of cough and COLDS, anemia and gum disease. It ameliorates symptoms of fatigue and pain of arthritis. Sodium ascorbate assists in the formation of healthy blood vessels, as well as strong bones and joints. It aids in strengthening the cardiovascular system and reducing the severity of allergy-related illnesses including asthma.
  Sen Ham Ozone Sterilizer and Negative Ionizer  
The Benefits of Sen Ham Ozone Sterilizer and Negative Ionizer
For air: kills filterable virus, decomposes poison gas (carbon monoxide), removes dust and foul smell, purifies air indoor.
For body care: prevents skin from being infected with germs, stabilizes nerves, balances internal secretion, improves blood circulation.
For drinking water: changes the structure of water as to be softened water, kills germs (colon Bacillus), decomposes chemical carcinogens (chlorine and bleach).
For housekeeping: cleaning the house and washing clothes.
For food: vegetables – keeps vegetables fresh and pesticide- and insecticide-free, meat – increases the oxygen content and decomposes antibiotics injected into meat; prolongs storage of food.
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